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We help professionals and executives across the United States who are interested in learning how to transition from traditional employees in corporate America into small business or franchise owners.

Doug Stout


Doug began his career in franchising 16 years ago. Mr. Stout chose this path because he was downsized twice in 18 months. He is has owned 3 franchises and has done franchise consulting and development work for several franchisors. Over the last 16 years, Mr. Stout has coached and consulted over 1,000 clients.

Over the last 16 years, he has been recognized as one of the country’s top franchise coaches. He has been nominated for numerous awards, won several awards, has been a coach and mentor, and was asked to speak at several conferences to talk about best practices in the franchise industry.

Doug has a passion for helping people to achieve their dreams of business ownership. His experience in franchising includes ownership, coaching, mentoring, process development, consulting, and development. Mr. Stout is originally from West Virginia and is a graduate of West Virginia University. For the last 25 years, Doug has lived in Greenville, SC, with his wife and daughter.


Why Choose Us?

Stout Franchise Advisors helps clients structure a franchise strategy based on their own unique situation in order to attain their goals.

We Navigate

We navigate with you so you understand the complexities of modern franchising. The end results are sustainable goals that meet your needs and help you avoid costly mistakes. Our services are free.

We Introduce

We introduce our clients to the best franchise companies. We have the flexibility to operate across a wide variety of industries and franchised companies.

We Share

We share extensive experiences and understand the need to combine significant business knowledge of the franchise landscape with thorough knowledge of how quality franchise organizations are run and what they look for in ideal partners.

We Help

We help explain the rights, responsibilities, and duties of all the parties in the relationship. If problems arise it’s usually because one of the following four steps was not carefully followed.

Doug really did an astounding job in terms of personalizing the franchise selection experience and meeting me where I was at. I was having difficulty finding a business to buy based on my immediate and long-term financial goals in my current situation. Doug unexpectedly showed up and deep dove exactly what I needed and consequently ended up placing me with a wonderful brand family.

Derek Huizinga

Timing is everything. Doug and I connected at a time, where I was evaluating my next career adventure. We got to know each other and found a mutual drive to support, coach, and counsel others for success. He took the time to understand my interests, hobbies, and personal and professional goals at this time in life. He also was patient knowing, that I was taking my time to make a decision.

Charlie Kongkaeow

Hi recently hired Doug Stout with The Franchise Consulting Company. It was a great decision and an excellent experience. I was interested in starting my own company and had an interest in a franchise, but had no idea how to navigate that space. Doug got to know me, my goals and interests and then presented me with several franchise opportunities in my area in which I had no idea existed.

Joe Nevans

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